Transcendence: Is AI Energy Healing Feasible in the age of Superintelligence?

While I can’t claim Marvin Minsky as a mentor I knew personally, his work did influence me–particularly his suggestion that the us v. them version of humans and robots (or AI) in the [...]


FTC Slams Fat Burning, Calorie-Blocking and Body Slimming Marketing

Would you like to lose weight without diet or exercise, by a magical fat-burning, calorie-busting, body-slimming dietary supplement or cream? Here’s how….


Legal Issues Buying or Selling an Urgent Care Center

When buying, selling, or starting an urgent care center, be sure to handle legal and regulatory pitfalls adroitly.


Healthcare hacks and data breaches increasing, even as HIPAA compliance grows

Is your data safe? Healthcare hacks and data breaches increasing, even as HIPAA compliance grows.


The Next Healthcare Revolution is Inside You: Wearable Health Tech Legal & Regulatory Issues Will Astound Us

If you want to know where the next healthcare revolution will come from, look inside. Physical medicine becomes virtual medicine, becomes mobile healthcare, becomes wearable health and then [...]


How The Internet of Things Will Change Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence & Wellness Harness Information to Augment Your Experience

Once you “friend” your refrigerator on Facebook (because it’s that smart, and knows about your dietary and nutritional habits than your doctor), healthcare will be [...]


Medical device advertising: free speech or conspiracy?

If you think medical device advertising is immune from criminal prosecution, look to the current charges against the CEO of Vascular Solutions.


Michael H Cohen quoted in USA Today on Healthcare Legal Issues

Bay Area / San Francisco and Los Angeles lawyer Michael H Cohen was quoted by CNBC in USA Today on healthcare issues.


Does Wearable Tech Give Away Your Quantifiable Self? FDA Medical Device, HIPAA Privacy and Security, and Legal Issues Over Who Owns Your Data

Wearable health technology is here, creating new legal and regulatory questions about who owns the data, whether HIPAA applies and protects the privacy of your quantifiable self.


Are you handling licensing, corporate practice of medicine, fee-splitting, standard of care, informed consent, HIPAA, liability, advertising, contract, FDA issues in your telemedicine venture?

When you launch any virtual, electronic, online, mobile, or other non-physical telemedicine or telehealth venture, you have to navigate several interlocking, overlapping legal issues, from [...]

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