Behavioral Health & Life Coaching Legal Services Summary

Michael H. Cohen Law Group is Your Law Firm for Behavioral Health & Life Coaching Legal Services

Behavioral and mental health care professionals have unique legal and regulatory needs, as they come under different Boards and regulatory structures than physicians. Our law firm is experienced in handling the legal needs of:

  • Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEP)
  • Life Coaches
  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC)
  • Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT)
  • Psychologists (PhD)
  • Social Workers (CSW, MSW)
  • Other Mental Health Care Professionals

Our lawyers advise our clients on how to structure their clinical practices, including issues of:

  • Contracts and General Corporate Legal Issues
  • Employment Agreements for Clinicians
  • Informed Consent
  • Insurance Practices and Third-Party Reimbursement
  • Liability Risk Management
  • Medicare Issues (Including Opt-Out)

We advise on healthcare regulatory issues, such as:

  • Board Investigations and Disciplinary Issues
  • Clinic or Facility Licensing
  • Fictitious Name Permit
  • Incorporation – Professional Corporation
  • Other Regulatory Compliance Matters

One of our clients was a licensed psychologist who included energy psychology among her therapeutic modalities. Unfortunately, one of her patients with borderline personality disorder began alternating between idealizing and demonizing the psychologist, ultimately writing a detailed complaint to the Board. We provided expert legal counsel to help defuse the Board’s concerns, and ultimately get the investigation dismissed.

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