Healthcare Law

Our corporate and transactional healthcare lawyers provide insight and counsel into the business arrangements that grow your bottom line.

We navigate the legal and regulatory landscape, counseling and crafting recommendations so your healthcare services remain clear of regulatory hazards.

We mediate, arbitrate, and represent you in healthcare dispute resolution, for any controversy within the healthcare system.

The Cohen Healthcare Law Group was founded in 1999 to represent health and wellness products and technologies, practices, and ventures, that fuel the ability of healthcare technology to accelerating health and healing.

Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine, also known as retainer medicine, involves charging patients or clients subscription (or access) fees for medical and other health care services.

Management Services Organizations (MSO) Agreements

We draft contracts for management services organizations (MSOs) to help them navigate the complex legal rules that apply such as the corporate practice of medicine doctrine.

Physician-Hospital Agreements and Clinician Employment Agreements

In the health care industry, our legal services include drafting and negotiating agreements for healthcare businesses and professionals

Nanotechnology Law, Nano-medicine, and Nanobot Legal Services

Nanotechnology, a core piece of the GNR (Genetics – Nanotech – Robotics) revolution, requires skillful navigation of emerging and complex legal arenas, from environmental law to careful transactional strategy and drafting.

Practice Purchases & Sales

Acquisitions and sales of medical, chiropractic, dental, and other health care practices raise special legal issues requiring health care legal expertise.

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