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"Technology evolves faster than law, and eclipses our ability to regulate. Ultimately the evolution of medicine and law is about the fate of humanity itself. We’re not just getting rid of disease. we’re transforming our bodies and minds into vessels that can navigate the millennia ahead.

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We’re in a race for our future as a species: accelerating technology on one hand, humanity on the other. Beyond law, and beyond regulation, we need to train our leaders in wisdom."

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Michael taught at Harvard Medical School & Harvard School of Public Health, & won a fellowship at Harvard Divinity School. Michael's distinctive background ranges from a prestigious Wall Street law firm to an interfaith seminary.

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Michael H. Cohen, Healthcare & FDA Attorney – Keynote Speaker

Accelerating health and wellness ventures through clear legal strategy


• Authority on the future of health and wellness, technology & spirituality
• Distinct background from Harvard Medical School to Wall Street to seminary

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