Health & Wellness Innovation–Forecasting 2020

How Business Leaders Can Navigate Legal Complexities and Lead Health & Wellness Innovation in the Next 5 Years: Healthcare futurist and attorney Michael H. Cohen forecasts how law and regulation governing medical technology are shaping our future.

Michael offers business leaders key ways they can optimize their market advantage and capitalize on health and wellness trends.  Michael advises on how to navigate the thicket of FDA and other regulation that innovators must surmount, to get to market.

Next Gen Trends in Telemedicine, Digital & Mobile Health

Health and wellness futurist Attorney Michael H. Cohen counsels leaders on how emerging medical technologies will redesign not only business–but also the future of consciousness. From mobile medical apps to health and fitness wearables to virtual reality, patient engagement is here to stay in self-help technologies that track our health footprint.  Michael goes beyond both utopian and apocalyptic scenarios to a visionary synthesis of hope for our species.

Faster, Cooler, Cheaper: Are the New Exponential Health Technologies a Patient’s Dream or Privacy Nightmare?

Health law pioneer and Silicon Valley attorney Michael H Cohen describes how accelerating exponential health technologies spell the end of privacy–and the birth of a new order for humanity’s extension into the cosmos. Weaving together wearable tech, big data, predictive analytics, and other healthcare trends, in the context of HIPAA and other government regulation of the health and wellness industry, Michael explores regulation, passion and innovation.


Borderless Healthcare: Constant Care in the Digital Age

Michael H. Cohen, formerly a Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health professor, describes how industry trends can and must push past regulatory barriers, dissolving geographic boundaries and creating a new era of ubiquitous, constant care.

Your Wearable Future: Startups Tackle the Internet of Everything

Michael H. Cohen, healthcare and FDA attorney, inspires entrepreneurs and traditional businesses how to understand and profit from the Internet of Experiences.   As everything becomes interconnected, products will speak to us and attempt to fulfill our needs.  The “thingification” of reality will overtake the consumer marketplace.  Wearables are the first step in a chain reaction of futurist events that will require extraordinary business creativity, leadership and craft. Michael guides us through the business and legal Rubik’s Cube.

Bringing Longevity to Market: Overcoming Legal & Regulatory Obstacles in Innovative Healthcare Practices

Healthcare futurist and lawyer Michael H. Cohen breaks the code to bringing your health and wellness ventures to market. Whether you’re creating a medical spa, leading an integrative medicine clinic, creative business strategies for anti-aging or cosmetic medical practice, or bringing new FDA-regulated products to market, you must navigate shark-infested legal waters.  Michael addresses the tough regulatory environment that entrepreneurs and physicians face, from fee-splitting to FDA rules, and shows them a way to triumph. Former Harvard professor and author of 6 books, Michael H. Cohen has emerged as the legal spokesperson for dissolving anachronistic laws that stifle competition.

Work/Life Balance & Spirituality: Reclaiming a Mystical Path in a World Dominated by Tech and Spin

Michael H Cohen, a leading attorney, writer, and futurist, describes work-life balance in the corporate world. A Wall Street lawyer turned law school professor turned faculty member at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, Michael now advises corporate leaders on strategic legal and regulatory issues in the $3.4 trillion health and wellness industry.  Beyond his academic and corporate credentials, Michael held a fellowship at the Center for the Study of World Religions, Harvard Divinity School; graduated from the New Seminary and was ordained an interfaith minister; studied Reiki, polarity therapy, therapeutic touch, and healing touch; taught energy healing to nurses in India; received certifications in Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP; has studied many forms of meditation; and became a registered yoga therapist. Michael combines his knowledge of psychodynamics and human energy systems with a sophisticated, complex law practice, and draws on both lawyering skills and spiritual illumination to navigate life daily challenges. Having survived a near death experience, Michael’s passion is to help others reclaim their spiritual self and mystical path in an increasingly technologically-dominated world. He models the paradigm shift toward an integrated being to help others cultivate wisdom, understanding and balance.

Futurism and Healthcare Disruptors: As Technology Blurs the Line Between Humans and Machines, Society’s Familiar Systems Break Down

Is the next app the answer to life’s problems?  Many entrepreneurs think so.  Healthcare and FDA attorney Michael H. Cohen explains how the legal and regulatory framework both shackles, and accelerates medical breakthroughs, and even human evolution. Having traveled from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, serial graduate school to Seminary, law and medical school faculty to energy healing, Michael shows how spiritual approaches to health dovetail with the growing fitness and self-care movement, which in turn are spurred on by smart devices, increasing consumerism, and the digitization and robotization of healthcare.

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