Avoid These 8 Common Legal Mistakes Before Signing Physician Agreements

FREE Tips to help you prepare for physician agreement signing

Legal Agreement

Medical school teaches you a lot of science and clinical skills, but it doesn’t prepare you for the “streets” of legal documentation when you sign your physician contract.

Even sophisticated physicians can make mistakes in signing physician employment or independent contractor agreements. Whether the physician is reviewing a physician employment agreement, consulting contract, independent contractor arrangement, medical director agreement, letter of intent, or other agreement, legal documents present a trap for an unwary.

Badly written agreements can come home to roost. That can mean awful disputes, demand letters written by rapacious attorneys, or even litigation. Isn’t it worth the investment to have peace of mind around the contracts you sign?

Here are 8 tips to help you navigate the major legal pitfalls you’re likely to encounter on the road to signing your physician agreement.

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