FREE Webinar to Learn how IOT industry trends are shaped by legal issues

Telemedicine Concept

How will the law handle the Internet of Things or IOT?
What you should be aware of in terms of compliance, as well as big legal trends?

Check out this webinar on the legal system’s response to IOT. You may be involved in:

  • Digital health
  • Mobile medical apps
  • Telemedicine platforms
  • Healthcare Software
  • AI for patient care
  • Virtual reality and wearable health tech

Or in other healthcare services and wellness products. You may already be familiar with issues involving:

  • HIPAA and healthcare privacy and security
  • FDA medical device regulation
  • FDA’s newer, hands-off approach to wellness products
  • FTC’s rules governing online and mobile advertising

Learn how IOT industry trends are shaped by legal issues, and where government can and can’t regulate the advent of IOT.

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